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Back pain during pregnancy

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

“Spine Ambulatory” in Kiev offers safe treatment for back pain during pregnancy and postpartum pain.

About the symptom

General facts, causes and symptoms of back pain during pregnancy

From 50 to 70% of women experience back pain during pregnancy. This is due to several reasons:

  • Studies show that back pain often occurs between the fifth and seventh month. In some cases, symptoms can appear for 8-12 weeks.
  • During pregnancy, the hormonal state of a woman changes in a woman – relaxin is produced – a hormone that weakens ligaments and pelvic bones, to mitigate the process of childbirth.
  • In addition to the weakening of the bones and the ligament of the pelvis for labor, the size of the uterus increases, which leads to a change in the center of gravity of the body and the emergence of additional load on the spine and adjacent muscles.
  • Additional weight: The pregnancy develops, the baby creates an additional weight that has to hold back the lumbar.
  • Incorrect posture or body position, prolonged walking or staying in a standing position, inclining – can cause or aggravate pain.
  • Nerve stress usually finds weaknesses in the body, so pain in the lumbar may become aggravated during stress.
  • Lumbar disc herniation is the most common diagnosis in pregnant women. Rarely, against the background of osteoporosis, this can lead to compression fractures and before the appearance of tumors, the occurrence of vertebral hemangiomas.

Postpartum back pain. Long back pain during pregnancy (several weeks or months) can in most cases refer to postpartum back pain (back pain after childbirth). For this reason, pregnant women are advised to seek appropriate treatment for back pain during pregnancy – even before childbirth. Postpartum pain in the spine, which lasts for more than six or eight weeks, suggests the emergence of chronic back pain and requires immediate treatment. Changes in the pelvis, abdomen, in the form of weakening of the ligaments and muscles that occurred throughout the pregnancy, can not immediately disappear after delivery. You also need to take into account the expected additional load when wearing the baby’s hands. Painful symptoms in the back may stay as long as the muscles do not recover their strength and tone, and the joints will have time to strengthen after their hormonal weakening. In addition, many young mothers worsen the condition of their back, not realizing the importance of maintaining the correct posture while feeding the baby. At this time, they are so focused on holding the child that as a result sit humbling, straining the neck and upper part of the spinal muscles, constantly looking down. General exhaustion and stress that occurs as a result of round-the-clock child care can complicate the recovery process from back pain after childbirth. But, the way out is. By engaging in our Centers, you not only can forget about back pain, but also get the necessary psychological and physical balance.

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    Diagnosis of back pain in pregnant women

    Significant differences in the diagnosis of general diseases of the spine and in diseases caused by pregnancy no. The “Spine Ambulatory” doctor will hold a consultation and will take into account all possible causes of illness during back pain during pregnancy. The diagnosis is performed at a high level and all treatment conditions will be fulfilled – the result will be achieved. The treatment program is intended to be completely individual, taking into account a large number of criteria.

    Treatment of back pain during pregnancy

    The technique is absolutely safe, because it involves performing slow movements on a safe spinal simulator. Such movements help to restore the muscle tone, weakened by hormonal changes, which will lead to the maintenance of natural mechanics of the body and significantly facilitate the process of birth. Proper breathing while performing movements in a relaxed, calm pace will help prepare for tribal contractions and birth. The position of the body on the simulator is relaxed, while performing the movements of the woman resting, forget about stress and tension. Even several visits to the Center before childbirth can be very helpful for minimizing or relieving back pain during pregnancy. You will be recommended an individual program of training on the simulator. A lesson in the back exerciser is the nicest and most effective gymnastics during pregnancy!

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