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Cervical degenerative disc disease

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Hernias of different nature and origin are common in medical practice. More than 8% of the total number falls on hernia of the cervical spine. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of the disease in order to seek professional help in a timely manner.

To understand what the disease is, you need to have some knowledge of human anatomy. The vertebral column consists of individual vertebrae that have a fibrous ring. The rupture of the surrounding ring leads to displacement of the pulp nucleus. There is pressure on the nerve roots. As a result – numbness, tension, pain and spasm.


The main causes of herniation in the cervical department

The cervical section consists of 7 vertebrae. The appearance of hernia on any causes the need for full diagnosis and timely treatment.

There are many factors that cause disease. Among the most common are the lack of healthy ecology, smoking, features of some professions, incorrect posture, endocrine diseases, systematic lack of water in the body, etc.

The disease can be caused by one cause or several simultaneous effects.

The causes of cervical hernia can be:

Often the occurrence of hernia is associated with professional activity and its features.

The first signs of hernia in the neck

Each of the vertebrae is located near the nerve roots. Therefore, depending on the location of the cervical hernia, patients experience the following unpleasant symptoms:

The list of symptoms is limited. They may have different degrees of manifestation. Some patients endure symptoms for a long time, compromising their health. At the first signs, you should contact a medical institution. Precise diagnostics and an effective treatment plan are needed to stop the disease from progressing.


Symptoms of cervical hernia are similar in nature to a number of less complex diseases. Therefore, they are often not given enough attention. The disease requires clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Specialists at the Center for Physical Rehabilitation ®Spine Ambulatory perform deep comprehensive diagnostics.

Sometimes additional examinations on modern equipment may be prescribed (if the patient has not been tested before and if there is a need for such examinations):

The survey results are 100% accurate. On their basis, specialists of the highest category will deliver a reliable diagnosis and choose comprehensive treatment.

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    Treatment of cervical hernia

    In traditional medicine, it is customary to treat hernia with conservative methods or surgery. Center for Physical Rehabilitation ®Spine Ambulatory offers patients traditional and innovative approaches to the treatment of cervical spine care. The peculiarity of the medical approach is to guarantee the recovery of health non-surgically.

    Highly qualified neurologists monitor and adjust the treatment plan for each individual case.

    Depending on the condition of the patient and the degree of development of the disease, doctors appoint:

    Complex “Methods and equipment” for treatment of hernia “Cypress” has no analogues in other clinics. The patented technique has proven effective by healing thousands of patients.

    The cervical hernia needs proper treatment, which can be obtained from the Physical Rehabilitation Centers ®Spine Ambulatory. The consequences in its absence can be painful, affect the appearance. Especially dangerous is the hernia for the nervous system. There is a risk of myeloischemia – loss of spinal cord cells. As a consequence – disability due to impaired musculoskeletal system.

    When referring to the clinic, you can count on qualified health care, state-of-the-art treatments and comfortable service. Come, the clinic will help you!

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    Andrii Voloshyn
    Physical therapist, masseur-rehabilitator
    Andrii Pashko
    Physical therapist, masseur-rehabilitator
    Shokhrukh Abdukakhkhorov
    Physical therapist
    Alina Herasymova
    Physical therapist
    Bukhval Andriy
    Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Massage Therapist
    Myronets Tatiana
    Макухіна Тетяна
    Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Massage Therapist
    Ізмайлова Марина
    Фізичний терапевт, Реабілітолог-масажист
    Костецька Ольга Андріївна
    Вертебролог, Лікар загальної практики
    Артем Остапенко
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний Терапевт
    Анатолій Гриненко
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Павло Петренко
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Денис Усов
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Ірина Ткачова
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Олексій Півнєв
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
    Юрій Дано
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Юлія Звєрєва
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Ігор Горчица
    Лікар Ортопед-Травматолог, Вертебролог
    Наталія Михайловська
    Лікар Невролог, Вертебролог
    Лідія Вовк
    Лікар Невролог, Вертебролог
    Кутненко Володимир Андрійович
    Ортопед-Травматолог, вища категорія
    Каліщук Вікторія
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
    Кірепко Михайло
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
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