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WARNING! Check out your masseuse!

    Everyone in a difficult moment of pain in the back appears “his” masseur, “manualschik”, “bite”, in other words – the clergyman.
    (Let’s suppose that the majority neglects 30 minutes to get a diagnosis of a neurologist and vertebrologist and diagnoses himself).

    Then there is a search for a masseuse or a “manualschika”.
    Health is not trusted by anyone, therefore, the majority chooses a masseuse on the recommendation of friends.

    The approach is time-tested, but it does not always work – because the experience of a masseur with a particular illness does not mean a good result in working with another.

    Others, as the statistics say, are looking for a masseur through private ads (sometimes invited to an apartment with his folding table, which traveled kilometers of roads, and “worked” in hundreds of apartments, or independently go in unsanitary conditions with candles and a home rug with a 10- annual layer of dust).

    ⚕️ Studies have shown that 90% !!! “masseurs” from private announcements passed only weekly courses and do not have a rehab or doctor’s education. Provided that the medical examination is carried out and its confirmation in the medical book, such masseurs have the right to conduct only a relaxing massage.

    • No medical treatment!
    • In no case will “manualu”!
    • In no case “chorus”!

    To entrust your back to a “specialist” without education, the same thing as trusting a cook to remove an appendix – he knows how to cut, he just does not know where and where.

    How to save your health and get a back care treatment without risk?

    ✅ Do not set yourself a diagnosis (or with the help of friends and acquaintances) – you need to register for a consultation with a vertebrologist-neurologist. The

    ✅ Do not do MRI on your own (only the doctor can determine the need, spine department and type of equipment for the picture). By the way, MRI is appointed only in 5-10% of cases – do not lose money.

    ✅ Get a treatment program.

    ✅ Complete a comprehensive course of physical therapy.

    ✅ Take a massage course at a clinic where you have sanitary and epidemiological conditions. Where specialists have education and experience.

    We wish you to go healthy and deliberate to choose massage specialists! ️

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    This site is for educational purposes only; no information is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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