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Chronic back pain

    The following indicators signal the risk of chronizing back pain

    • Systematic back pain, which is periodically repeated
    • Periods of disability exceed 4-6 weeks
    • Radiculitis
    • Wrong attitude and expectation of back pain
    • Depression
    • Acute deterioration of the condition and pain that is intensely repeated
    • Incorrect treatment choice
    • Sustained stress at work and at home

    The following indicators signal the probability of formation of complex back pain:

    • Aggravation of back pain, despite treatment
    • Paralysis symptoms
    • Transferred diseases such as rheumatism, osteoporosis
    • Fever with back pain
    • Weak immunity
    • Serious injuries in history

    What criteria contribute to the occurrence of pain?

    In most cases, back pain occurs in the lumbar spine and the lumbar sacral region, less in the cervical spine. This is due to the fact that the static stresses acting on the spine are the largest in the lower back.

    Back pain – this is not always a sign of the disease, rather – a warning signal to action – to go for a consultation. The organism warns that it is necessary to change the attitude to the problem that has arisen – to listen, to study, to make conclusions and actions.

    Pain sensation is caused by various agents, but they are united by general quality – a real or potential danger to the body. Such a pain signal provides the mobilization of the body to protect against a pathogenic agent and creates a defensive limitation of some functions of the body damaged by pain:

    • mobilization of the body for protection against pathogenic agent – an important and protective reflex reaction, aimed at dismissal or to the maximum possible restriction from the effect of the factor causing pain.
    • limiting the functions of the body or the body as a whole (for example: compensatory rotation of the joints as a consequence of limitation of movement in places of localization of pain starting from the foot, affecting the balance of the knee, hip joints, etc.)

    Pain is a complex of individual feelings, which can consist of the following components:

    • Sensory components: associated with the perception of feelings
    • Affective components: associated with emotions
    • Cognitive components: associated with perception
    • Sensor motors: associated with conscious muscle movement

    Vegetative components: associated with the autonomic nervous system.

    If back pain appears more and more – call back and sign up for a consultation.

    The doctor will determine the need for further research and will make a recovery program without medication:
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