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Are your neck is cracking?

    Find out when to treat a doctor with a crunch neck.

    When you first felt that something was crunching around your neck, or a crunch started appearing from time to time – a good idea – to find out what’s going on in the cervical spine, turning to your doctor.
    Especially when crispy is accompanied by one of the following symptoms:

    • Pain or Swelling. Such symptoms during a crunch or as a result may indicate an inflammatory process in the neck vertebral joints or, even, osteoarthritis of the joints of the cervical spine.
    • A crunch that appeared recently after an accident, falling or injury – which may indicate some changes in the structure of the spine.
    • Constant crunching of the neck as a result of a certain natural neck movement, especially if it is accompanied by a painful sensation. This may indicate a problem in the joints.
    • Crunch on the neck that appeared after surgery on the cervical spine. Normally, this can not immediately indicate the problem, but it is better to inform the doctor about such consequences of the operation.


    There are also those who often deliberately crunch their neck, due to the habit or to relax the cervical department. Recent findings from research on the dependence of joint arthritis on those who often crunch with their fingers – say that such dependence does not exist. Similar studies on the vertebral articulation of the cervical spine have not been conducted. But by analogy it can be argued that neck crunch will also have no consequences.
    If you have a feeling of pain or concern about neck pain – for complete information about your condition – contact your “Spine Ambulatory” doctor today.

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