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    Or, are there quick fixes in back treatment?

    Today, since Saturday morning, when we first opened, the bell rang. A voice tired of pain asked:
    – Are they being treated AFTER the operation? ..

    This is not the first time that those who have chosen a “quick” solution and believed the surgeon’s promises will solve a problem that has been forming for many years in just a day to the centers of our network.

    ❗️ So why does it still hurt when the hernia was physically removed with surgery ???

    ▶ Because the tonic muscles of the spine remained as weak as they were before the operation.

    ▶ Because the operation cannot create or strengthen the muscle corset that keeps the intervertebral discs and facet joints from daily overload.

    ▶ Because it should be understood that physical rehabilitation is also necessary after surgery. So why not start the course BEFORE you agree to the intervention.

    ℹ️ Only in 5% of cases is intervention indicated (when the hernia is an immediate threat to life).
    95% of acute pain in the lumbar, cervical, and thoracic regions is successfully treated with physical therapy.

    It’s safe, effective and long lasting!

    ? All network centers work in Kiev (Obolon, Troyeshina, Poznyaki, Teremki2)
    And also – Lviv-Kramatorsk!

    ❗️ Self-medication can be hazardous to your health.

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