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    Mission “Spine Ambulatory”


    The company was founded in 2011.

    The mission of the company – to promote its professional activity, that the percentage of musculoskeletal system diseases in Ukraine has decreased as much as possible. We want Ukrainian nation to have the strongest and healthiest back and joints.

    We make every effort to ensure that the supply of children and adults is balanced throughout life. We teach the correct and safe methods of physical activity that minimizes the level of domestic injuries, greatly improves the psycho-emotional state and improves overall working capacity. We will achieve high quality services and the largest presence of our centers for maximum comfort in residential complexes and massifs, business centers.

    Individual interaction with the patient / client maximizes the potential of physical function and, due to the modern complex method, provides a balanced effect on all systems of the organism.

    During the last 8 years of activity, the development and improvement of the model of service, the model of employees, and the marketing model has taken place. The modern methods of physical therapy and massage services have been studied and implemented.

    About “Spine Ambulatory”


    INVESTMENTS from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000

    INTRODUCTORY FEE $ 5000-7000

    ROYALTY 4-7%


    FACILITY – 100 -120 sq.m.

    ROI 18 months

    COUNTRY Ukraine

    REGIONS –  Ukraine, EU

    Founded July 2011





    The franchisee receives support, both at the stage of preparation for the opening and in the process of the Center’s work.

    -Consultation on business registration form

    -Consultation support for finding locations

    -Development of the plan of the premises

    -Developing a branding plan for a premise

    -Support for obtaining medlicence (option)

    -Selection, training, certification of personnel

    – Provide instructions on the formation of salaries

    -Provide job descriptions and customer service standards

    -Providing the equipment

    -Passing price and promotional policies (according to location)

    -Advertising campaign before starting location

    -To provide a set of advertising and information layouts and brandbook

    -Interesting rights to intellectual property (trade mark, licenses for the use of methods and devices for treatment)

    – Locating information about the location and staff on the official site and social pages

    – Planning and implementing the general advertising activity of the brand with the involvement of specialists of the center (photos, videos, publications, articles).

    – CRM software (option)

    – Interaction with the central office and the franchisee

    – Internal audit and control over the franchisee’s operations to improve financial performance


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      The problems with the back are more than 80% of Ukrainians. The target audience is not limited by age!

      Need your help:
      – clients / patients with back pain;

      – post-sentimental;

      – patients with operation of the spine, joints;

      – those who are in need of professional restoration of motor functions;

      – those who want to learn balanced physical activity without a threat to health;

      – clients who start their way in fitness, crossfit, are preparing for marathons and want to be sure that their physical condition is ready for appropriate loads taking into account individual characteristics, injuries, anthropometric parameters

      – those who wish to receive prophylactic or therapeutic massage of the back and joints

      – those who need manual correction and other types of rehabilitation services

      – business clients / companies worrying about their staff and inviting the Center team to conduct preventive and medical examinations and sessions

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      This site is for educational purposes only; no information is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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