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Sleepiness and Insomnia

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

The causes of sleep disturbances and insomnia may be problems with your back. Identify the root causes of violations and eliminate them will help you specialists “Spine Ambulatory”.

About the symptom

Sleep disturbances in different people are different (even the opposite): it’s difficult to fall asleep, it’s even harder to get up in the morning, wake up several times a night. In order not to miss the beginning of violations and to take timely measures that will help to fully rest, you need to know the criteria (symptoms) of sleep disturbance (insomnia):

  • Problems with falling asleep in the evening: the central nervous system is calm, everything is well, day-to-day affairs are finished. But there is no immersion in the dream, is not there a comfortable pit for sleep, throws in the heat or cold, in my head start to spin thoughts – it is impossible to fall asleep;
  • Constant waking at night: a dream has come, and after awhile awakens anxiety or fear. And then it is difficult to fall asleep as a result – breakdown during the day, nervousness, fatigue;
  • It is difficult to wake up: fell asleep, sleep a few hours (but this is not enough for normal rest), then fall asleep, and in the morning it is impossible to get up.

The described symptoms may appear initially from time to time, then the like begins to occur in a day or two, and then they can diagnose Insom. If deterioration may occur neurological diseases. When sleep disturbances become chronic, mental activity worsens, all the time they want to sleep, thoughts are confused, attention and concentration in the classroom is reduced, remembering the new becomes more difficult. Prolonged sleep deprivation leads to a manifestation of a depressive state, and it is often difficult to determine: depression is the root cause of insomnia or sleep disturbance, triggering the emergence of depression. To bring the schedule of sleep into order, it is important not to go an easy way and not to buy medicines. Often hypnotic causes constant dependence and the need to increase dosage later. Proper treatment of sleep disorders begins with the detection of the root cause. Knowledge of the causes is the basis for competent treatment of insomnia with the help of specialized recovery programs in the “Spine Ambulatory”.

Below are the main reasons for the violations:

  • Daily stresses and their consequences.
  • Unsatisfactory conditions for falling asleep: noise, stuffiness or cold, excessive illumination.
  • Changes in the schedule and the rhythm of life.
  • Frequent changes in climatic zones and time zones.
  • Application of medicines with excitement.
  • Food before bedtime.
  • Night seating on a computer, a smartphone, a TV.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Pain sensation.
  • Physiological symptoms: muscle cramps, apnea, restless legs syndrome.
  • Many diseases – neurological, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system.
  • Alcoholism and smoking.
  • Age: adolescent or elderly, menopause.

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    To diagnose sleep disorders, you need to identify 3 or more of the options listed below.

    Insomnia is diagnosed according to these criteria:

    • need half an hour or more for fall asleep;
    • often wake up at night;
    • during the fall asleep, intrusive thoughts spin;
    • wake up earlier than necessary;
    • daytime constant drowsiness;
    • bad mood or apathy;
    • mood swings.

    To diagnose, the symptoms indicated must be continuous for one month or be manifested periodically for three months.

    Treatment of sleep disorders

    The main thing in treating insomnia is to take into account physiological and psychotypic peculiarities of a person. You must also take into account everyday habits that can create or exacerbate sleep problems. Often it is sufficient to change the usual actions that provoke sleep disturbance, and the problem will disappear. Specialists of “Spine Ambulatory” will help to identify the root causes of sleep disorders (insomnia) and develop a treatment program. They will also advise on how to change the daily habits of getting rid of the disease – the atmosphere in the bedroom, maintaining a stable schedule of waking up and waking, abandoning bad habits (for example, watching TV, computer games, the Internet).

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