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Intervertebral hernia

    Patient History

    Anatoliy Mikhailovich, 59 years old, came to the Center on the recommendation of the daughter of Alexandra, who has already undergone a course on the restoration of the spine. Alexander bought for her father one of the promotional offers “Spine Ambulatory” – the course of rehabilitation “Basic”. Despite his age, Anatoly Mikhailovich is an active lifestyle, devoting his time to a household. Heavy physical work affects only positively on general well-being of Anatoly Mikhailovich. Although there were some minor back pain in the chest and lumbar spine. There was a stiff neck. Given that Anatoliy Mikhailovich could not leave the farm for a long time without supervision, on the basis of the “Basic” course, a 10-day program of classes was drawn up.

    Purpose of the program:

    • removal of pain symptoms in the chest and lumbar spine
    • withdrawal of general discomfort and tiredness in the back
    • restoration of muscle back balance
    • general strengthening of the musculoskeletal system
    • correction of kinkness
    • prevention of osteochondrosis
    • learning a careful attitude to the spine with heavy physical activity

    Appointed treatment program

    The program included:

    • restorative kinesiotherapy (VKT) – 3 exercises
    • sessions on the device for pulling and strengthening the spine – 10 exercises
    • therapeutic massage – 2 sessions
    • educational training

    Already at the first lessons there was a natural correction in the thoracic spine. The natural, relaxed position and proper movements on the device for pulling the spine together with the massage allowed to release the joints of the spine from the usual muscular stiffness. Despite the fact that the course lasted only 10 days, the result can be estimated in the photo:

    • unfolded shoulders
    • Stilus turned into a beautiful posture
    • the back muscles return to the tone


    At the end of the course, all goals were achieved. In terms of employment, the patient received an individual plan-program for the support of spine health in the “Spine Ambulatory”.

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