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How to choose a masseur?

    ☝️ Tips from the network of physical therapy and massage “Outpatient back”. Of course, the personal criteria for evaluating a masseur are important.

    We provide recommendations on professional criteria:

    ✅ Education.
    A masseur may have “magic” hands, but if the head lacks the knowledge of how to use them given the symptoms and diagnosis – this is a roulette game with the health of the client.
    Education for a masseur should be medical or specialty physical therapist / rehabilitation specialist. No weekly courses or many one-day seminars will make a designer a masseur.
    ✅Experience – practice – communication.
    Any course of therapy or massage is individual. With each session, the masseur learns. After each session, he analyzes the session and plans the next one, taking into account the patient’s condition.
    The masseur should speak and explain everything he uses. Every movement and technique has proven effectiveness.
    Any impact on the body must pass through the patient’s consciousness. The masseur should treat with both hands and words.
    ✅An integrated approach.
    Massage is a quality unit in a comprehensive course. Motor exercises must be recommended and mastered by masseurs.
    Mobility testing, joint amplitude – an important part of the professionalism of a masseur.
    ✅Sanitary conditions.
    Today, as never before, the level of sterility of the institution is very important.
    Spacious massage rooms should not have unnecessary things.
    The masseur should take care of his own hygiene, fresh appearance.
    ℹ️ In addition, from a professionally developed masseur, the client / patient receives several health decisions and much more benefits than just a back rub..

    What not to expect from a masseur:

    ➡️ Diagnosis (if it is not a doctor of the relevant specialization)
    ➡️ Resolving the issue in one session (the body has its own recovery rate)
    ➡️ Resolving back and joint pain solely through massage (complex – motor activity / massage)
    ⭕️ It is taking into account such criteria that we choose masseurs.
    Try our comprehensive courses developed over 10 years of network operation and, of course, professional massage!
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