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❓ Torn of ligament or tendon?

    How often have you used such expressions when talking about your life?
    Apparently after some physical exertion or injury, when you experience a sharp discomfort in your knee, shoulders or back.
    ✅ If you are not a physical therapist, it will not be easy to determine where the laceration is – in ligaments or tendons. Although the degree of pain, the symptoms during the injuries are very similar.
    ➡️ Ligaments – attach to the bones and bind them, limiting the movement of the bones in the joint to normal amplitude.
    Accordingly, laceration of the ligament increases the amplitude of the joint to dangerous angles. If the muscles do not compensate for the problem, tearing can lead to a complete rupture.
    The spine and vertebral joints are almost completely covered by a complex system of ligaments.
    ➡️ Tendons tend to extend into muscle and attach to bones.
    Tearing of a part of a tendon leads to redistribution of loading from a muscle on the whole part. That is, increasing the load several times. For example, the tendon is like a strand of stranded rubber. When several are torn, only the surviving part is pulled.
    ☝️Accordingly, self-medication, when it is not determined where the laceration is, can lead to complex consequences.
    Contact your back office physicians in a timely manner when you experience sharp back or joint pain. We will determine the depth of the problem and draw up a rehabilitation program.
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