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Crooked neck is a disease that is most common in children from birth. But there are many cases among adults who have received the disease as a result of injury. This pathology is accompanied by tilting the head in one direction or another. If the deformity is detected at birth, it can be caused by dysplasia of the mammary-clavicular muscle. This disease is one of the first congenital malformations in children.


Types and symptoms of crooked neck

If we talk about the clinical signs of this disease, the manifestations of muscle pathology depend on the age of the child. Symptoms and choice of treatment for crooked neck vary depending on the form of the disease. There are three forms of the disease:

Mild and moderate forms are quite difficult to diagnose. Parents of children usually consult a doctor at a time when pathological changes affect the bones of the facial skeleton. In moderate and severe conditions, the disease is diagnosed much easier.

A characteristic symptom of muscular curvature of the neck is the incorrect forced position of the head relative to the torso. It is not easy to correct the deformation. The reason for this is excessive tension of the mammary-clavicular muscle. At the same time you can feel the thickening. With the further growth of the child, the symptoms become more noticeable, the flexibility of muscle tissue in this place becomes less. When the child is older than 1 year, you can see asymmetrical changes in half of the facial skeleton.

If the child is not given timely treatment of muscular curvature of the neck, then at the age of 3 years the deformity becomes more noticeable. On the side where the head is tilted, the neck will look shorter.

Sick children may develop cervical or thoracic scoliosis on the side where the pathology is present.

Які причини кривошиї?

Деякі фахівці дотримуються думки, що основною причиною кривошиї є неправильне положення голівки плоду в матці, шия якого оповита пуповиною. Сприяти такій патології можуть травми, які отримуються під час пологів, запальні або дистрофічні процеси в м’язах, наприклад, інтерстиціальний міозит, ішемія і ін.

Кривошия у дорослих здебільшого з’являється в результаті нещасних випадків, травмувань тощо.

Diagnosis of crooked neck

When examining the patient, asymmetry can be seen in the case when the orbit is narrower and the eyebrow arch is located lower than the other. Underdeveloped jaws can also often be observed. In addition, the pathology side of the ear is usually closer to the shoulder, compared to the other side. In such circumstances, the doctor may prescribe treatment for crooked neck position.

Thus, the main task of a pediatric orthopedist is the timely detection and treatment of crooked neck massage or other methods. This can prevent the development of serious deformities in the human skeleton. With regard to the treatment of crooked neck in adults, it is possible to use different methods depending on the stage of the disease.

Treatment of crooked neck

In modern medicine there are conservative and surgical methods of treatment of spastic crooked neck.

Conservative treatment should begin after the baby’s navel is completely healed. If the degree of deformation is insignificant, the following methods are used to improve the condition:

In severe manifestations of this muscle pathology in order to achieve proper correction may require surgery. If it concerns a child, such treatment can be carried out when the child reaches 1 year. For adults, surgery or other treatments are prescribed only after examination by a doctor.

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    Prevention of crooked neck

    If the baby stays in one position for a long time, the muscles may lose tone. To prevent possible deformities in the cervical region, children from birth should be provided with appropriate toys for active development. You should also often turn the baby in the crib. If the pathology has already been detected, the toys should be hung so that the head is in the desired position. Adults should pay attention to the regularity of exercise and massage.

    If you notice symptoms of neck deformity in yourself or your child, feel constant discomfort or pain, contact the national network of clinics “Back Clinic”. We have experienced specialists who treat crooked necks using proven methods.

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