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The thoracic spine has a natural curvature in the range of 20-40%. If the slope becomes greater, it indicates the development of pathology, which is called round back, hump or kyphosis. There are several reasons for this distortion, and one of them is Sheyerman-Mau disease.

Causes of Sheyerman-Mau disease

According to doctors, one of the causes of the disease is a person’s genetic predisposition. There are several main factors that affect the possibility of pathology:

The disease is mostly diagnosed in adolescent patients.


The initial stage of Sheyerman-Mau disease may be accompanied by the absence of any symptoms. Usually parents notice that the child’s posture is distorted, it begins to squat excessively. Then there is a constant symptom – a slight back pain, especially after prolonged sitting, which can give in the shoulder blades. Gradual progression of the disease leads to limited mobility of the spine.

Without timely diagnosis, a more pronounced deformity is formed. The outlines of the hump begin to appear, the pain intensifies. Minimal physical activity leads to rapid fatigue, a feeling of heaviness in the back. The discomfort increases in the evening.

When the curvature of the spine becomes significantly pronounced, there may be disorders of the lungs, heart. In some cases, the spinal cord is compressed, and paresthesias appear, which impair the sensitivity of the extremities.

Diagnosis of Sheyerman-Mau

To diagnose this pathology, the doctor must examine the patient, collect information about existing complaints, study the family history and prescribe a number of clinical tests.

The main method of diagnosing the disease – radiography. An X-ray gives a complete picture of the condition of the spine. This allows you to determine:

Before starting Sheyerman-Mau treatment, the patient must consult a neurologist. At the expressed pain syndrome carrying out KT or MRI is recommended. With the help of tomography, the doctor will be able to more accurately determine the condition of the muscular and skeletal structures of the spine.

If there is a history of intervertebral hernia, the patient is referred to a neurosurgeon. Sometimes you have to use electromyography. At detection of any infringements in work of internals consultation of the cardiologist, the pulmonologist is appointed.

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    When diagnosing Sheyerman-Mau disease, a specialist prescribes complex procedures: massages, physical therapy, physiotherapy manipulations. Scheierman-Mau treatment in adolescents is carried out with the help of special gymnastics, which restores normal posture, and professional massage. During the first months, patients should perform the necessary exercises every day, reducing the intensity while improving well-being. A good result can be achieved only with the systematic implementation of doctor’s prescriptions.

    The technique of Scheierman-Mau treatment in adults is somewhat different, because it is much easier to restore a developing child’s spine. In addition to gymnastic exercises and massage, patients have to wear a special corset. Drug therapy consists of a course of vitamins and drugs to strengthen the skeleton.

    You do not need to count on the fact that the pain in the back minutes on their own, or treat the symptoms with analgesic ointments. It is necessary to prevent the development of pathology, so as not to struggle with its consequences.

    Qualitative treatment of Sheyerman-Mau disease in Kyiv is carried out at the Back Clinic. All you need to do is turn to experienced professionals in time, trust their professional opinion and strictly follow all the appointments.

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