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Osteoporosis is like a Trojan horse. Masked by common symptoms and manifested during the diagnosis of fractures. People in North America suffered from this disease as early as 2000 BC. In modern Europe, Japan and the United States, the disease has enslaved 75 million people, and in Ukraine – 3005 thousand women of all ages.

What is osteoporosis and how dangerous it is

This disease affects the skeleton, becomes chronic and progresses rapidly. It is expressed by the fragility of bones and a decrease in their strength and mass, a violation of bone metabolism. Inflammatory processes are accompanied by unbearable pain. The risk of fractures increases significantly even during light exercise.

Symptoms of osteoporosis: stooping and reduced growth, pain when tapping on the spine, the appearance of skin folds on the side, reducing the length of the spine.

Who is at risk

Interestingly, women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis than men. The male sex has stronger bones, so their destruction is slower.

Be careful:

How to detect osteoporosis

The symptoms alone will not say anything. Diagnosis of the disease is the task of a medical professional. Blood tests are usually the most common method. General analysis, biochemical, for the level of the required chemical elements and osteoblasts – and the diagnosis is established.

Osteoblasts are special cells that are responsible for the balance of bone tissue and its strength. However, the doctor may refer you for an ultrasound screening or x-ray. Thus, everything will become clear about the condition of the skeleton and the causes of its destruction.

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    How to treat the disease

    There are many other healing methods besides traditional medicine. “Back Clinic” treats only through physical therapy and massage.

    Cypress Medical Complex restores the musculoskeletal system naturally, without surgery. Natural pulsation, calm consciousness, breathing and movement – the formula of the device. The rehabilitation specialist monitors the procedure, which lasts in three stages:

    1. Complete relaxation in the supine position. The person plunges into the correct posture, the back is gently stretched. Thus, the patient loses stress, normalizes breathing and prepares for the next stage.
    2. Correction. Convenient arc shape of the complex and slow exercises return the vertebrae to their natural position.
    3. A fixation aimed at establishing a corset of muscles that will protect the bones and keep a straight posture.

    “Cypress” – the key to a smooth and strong back. The complex of treatment should be supplemented with therapeutic massage. The procedure can be performed alone or as a series of minor physical activities for the back.

    Treatment without medical intervention is possible!

    Prevention of osteoporosis

    To avoid disease, lead an active lifestyle. Sedentary work? Take 10 minutes to exercise or climb the stairs on foot. Eat dairy products – they contain a lot of calcium. Add sodium to your diet, which takes care of bone strength. Reduce or get rid of bad habits altogether. Then even the general condition will immediately improve.

    Маєте проблеми зі спиною? Не факт, що це прояв остеопорозу. Проте зверніться до фахівців «Амбулаторії спини» по допомогу. Для вас оберуть програму реабілітації, враховуючи всі побажання та ваш робочий графік.

    Специалисты центра:

    Kulyk Andriy Ruslanovych
    Shokhrukh Abdukakhkhorov
    Physical therapist
    Alina Herasymova
    Physical therapist
    Bukhval Andriy
    Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Massage Therapist
    Myronets Tatiana
    Макухіна Тетяна
    Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Massage Therapist
    Ізмайлова Марина
    Фізичний терапевт, Реабілітолог-масажист
    Костецька Ольга Андріївна
    Вертебролог, Лікар загальної практики
    Юсупов Павло
    Фізичний терапевт, Реабілітолог-масажист
    Артем Остапенко
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний Терапевт
    Анатолій Гриненко
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Павло Петренко
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Денис Усов
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Ірина Ткачова
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Олексій Півнєв
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
    Юрій Дано
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Юлія Звєрєва
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Ігор Горчица
    Лікар Ортопед-Травматолог, Вертебролог
    Наталія Михайловська
    Лікар Невролог, Вертебролог
    Лідія Вовк
    Лікар Невролог, Вертебролог
    Кутненко Володимир Андрійович
    Ортопед-Травматолог, вища категорія
    Каліщук Вікторія
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
    Кірепко Михайло
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
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