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Treatment of protrusion of the discs of the cervical spine

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Protrusion is the initial stage of spinal hernia formation. About 50 percent of people under the age of 30 face this problem. Where and how to treat it, but what is it dangerous?

Protrusion occurs due to the protrusion of the intervertebral discs, but without rupture of the wall. The intervertebral disc, in turn, provides mobility of the spine, so its damage significantly affects the vital processes of the body.

How can the disease be formed

The disease usually affects the neck or lumbar region. The thoracic spine is much less likely to be affected by the disease.

Protrusions in the lumbar region may not manifest themselves for a long time, but when it comes to nerve endings, there is acute pain.

Cervical discs suffer from metabolic disorders due to infections, aging or damage to internal organs.

Causes of the disease

The main cause of portusia of the cervical region is a violation of metabolic processes due to nutrition. The violations themselves can be caused by the following factors:

Symptoms of protrusion of the cervical spine

Unlike a large hernia, the symptoms of the disease are not so bright. This is due to the fact that the loss of formations in the intervertebral disc in this disease is not very large. Therefore, both nerve roots and spinal cord are affected relatively weakly. However, the disease can be suspected in a person who suffers from severe unexplained migraines and headaches.

The most common symptoms are:

Possible complications

Thus, protrusion of the cervical region can adversely affect the further functioning of the whole organism. This disease is quite successful in treatment, but can give very unpleasant complications.

In the absence of proper treatment, damage to the intervertebral discs of the neck can cause narrowing of the spinal canal and severe pain. It should be noted that at the advanced stage protrusion can turn into a hernia.

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    Treatment of protrusion of the cervical spine

    This disease should be treated comprehensively, conservatively – both inpatient and outpatient settings. At treatment the patient has to adhere to the correct mode of a working day, not to expose a backbone to loading, to watch posture attentively. First of all, therapeutic measures in the event of this disease are aimed at eliminating pain.

    At the Back Outpatient Center, the actions of an experienced vertebrologist, in addition to eliminating the pain syndrome, are also aimed at prevention. With the participation and under the supervision of specialists are:

    You can avoid the development of the disease by following these rules:

    1. Do sports to strengthen the spine (swimming, yoga, light exercise).
    2. You need to keep the right posture.
    3. It is very important to monitor your diet and not to be overweight.

    In any case, if you suffer from pain in the neck, you should consult a specialist as soon as possible. Protrusion is easily treated conservatively, which is offered by our clinic, at an early stage of detection. Professional doctors of the “Spine Ambulatory” will select a quality treatment package and help you overcome the disease in its early stages, without further complications.

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    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
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