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Treatment of protrusion of the disc in the thoracic region

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The spine is the basis of the human musculoskeletal system. Pathologies of its development lead to disability, limited mobility, and the appearance of pain. Timely access to a specialist will preserve the health of the spine. In the “Spine Ambulatory” centers you can cure protrusion and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. A team of professionals works with each patient individually.

Protrusion of the thoracic spine

Protrusion of the thoracic spine is a dystrophy that occurs as a result of nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disorders in the body. As a result of injuries and age-related changes, degenerative processes occur, the level of elasticity in the spinal discs decreases.

A bulging disc is one of the early stages of the disease. Protrusions in the thoracic region appear less frequently than in other parts of the spine, mainly due to injuries and overloads. The main factors of the disease are considered to be a weak muscular corset and insufficient trophism of the intervertebral discs.

In most cases, the disease manifests itself in the form of pain and discomfort in the thoracic region, upper limbs, and shortness of breath is formed. Symptoms of the disease appear with a mechanical effect on the nerve endings or in the presence of an inflammatory process.

Periodically, the following symptoms may occur:

The patient often complains of numbness, loss of sensation, tingling of the upper extremities, pain in the chest.

To determine the presence of the disease, the patient is examined, MRI, X-ray, computed tomography and other diagnostic methods are prescribed.

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    For the treatment of protrusion of the thoracic spine, such modern methods as physical therapy, complex therapeutic massage, restorative kinesiotherapy (mechanotherapy), manual correction, as well as traction therapy with the Cypress apparatus are used.

    Physical therapy, rehabilitation, exercise therapy

    Dosed physical activity gives a good therapeutic effect in case of protrusion of the thoracic spine. The doctor makes a set of necessary exercises, demonstrates the correctness of their implementation, controls the result of treatment. Physical therapy quickly affects the healing process.

    The treatment course is compiled by the doctors of the “Spine Ambulatory” centers based on the results of the research. Conducting treatment sessions is possible, including at the stage of exacerbation and in the presence of acute pain, if the doctor does not find other contraindications. When developing a treatment program, individual indicators are taken into account, such as the patient’s age, type of activity, lifestyle, anamnesis, current condition, localization and size of the protrusion, stage of the disease. When all indicators are taken into account and an individual treatment plan is developed, a positive result is achieved in 95% of cases.

    Complex therapeutic massage

    A comprehensive massage of the back in general and the thoracic region in particular gives a good therapeutic effect. To relax the muscles and adjust them to the optimal load, the massage complex is prescribed before kinesiotherapy or traction on the Cypress simulator.

    After the implementation of the VKT procedures or traction, the massage can be repeated. This provides a positive therapeutic effect. The specialists of the “Spine Ambulatory” network are proficient in various techniques of restorative massage.

    Medical apparatus “Cypress”

    The device for the treatment of protrusions “Cypress” provides a significant therapeutic effect. It helps to reduce pain symptoms, eliminates protrusions and muscle hypertonicity, corrects and strengthens the spine. One of the features of the effect of MP “Cypress” is traction (traction), which is carried out in a sparing mode without the use of additional load. The medical device gently corrects the vertebral joints, returning them to a physiological state, eliminates displacements and possible infringements of nerve endings. Due to systematic exercises, the back muscles are strengthened, a muscular corset is created, posture is restored.

    VKT (restorative kinesiotherapy), mechanotherapy

    Kinesiotherapy is a special physiotherapeutic procedure aimed at the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. It is used to restore motor activity, strengthen the body with pain symptoms of protrusion, in the postoperative period or after injuries. Mechanotherapy is used to eliminate pain through exercise on simulators.

    Manual correction

    Manual correction is a technique for treating functional ailments that have arisen as a result of protrusion. The main techniques are segmental massage, mobilization and push manipulation. Only an experienced physical therapist should perform manual correction. It is these specialists who work in the “Spine Ambulatory” centers.

    Disease prevention

    To maintain a healthy state of the intervertebral discs and paravertebral tissues, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, maintain the required level of physical activity, and avoid stress and overexertion. Physical therapy and massage contribute to well-being and good health.

    Physiotherapy and massage for pain relief

    The doctor draws up a complex therapeutic course, during which gentle physical activity alternates with a rest (relaxation) stage. Rehabilitation sessions are aimed at the formation of a muscular corset without overload. The patient is advised to balance the diet, which contributes to the normalization of metabolism. For sleep, a high-quality orthopedic mattress and pillow are recommended.

    Prognosis for protrusion of the thoracic region

    With timely professional treatment, the patient quickly returns to the normal rhythm of life. Performing preventive exercises as prescribed by a doctor, the patient does not feel discomfort in the thoracic spine and limbs.

    When diagnosing protrusion of the discs of the thoracic or other parts of the spine, contact one of the centers of the “Spine Ambulatory” network for professional treatment. Every day, about 200 patients undergo medical procedures in our centers. We use proven treatment methods. Experienced doctors help thousands of patients with various defects of the musculoskeletal system. Reviews about the clinic can be found on our website, as well as independent forums on the Internet.

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    Andrii Voloshyn
    Physical therapist, masseur-rehabilitator
    Andrii Pashko
    Physical therapist, masseur-rehabilitator
    Shokhrukh Abdukakhkhorov
    Physical therapist
    Alina Herasymova
    Physical therapist
    Bukhval Andriy
    Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Massage Therapist
    Myronets Tatiana
    Макухіна Тетяна
    Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Massage Therapist
    Ізмайлова Марина
    Фізичний терапевт, Реабілітолог-масажист
    Костецька Ольга Андріївна
    Вертебролог, Лікар загальної практики
    Артем Остапенко
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний Терапевт
    Анатолій Гриненко
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Павло Петренко
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Денис Усов
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Ірина Ткачова
    Реабілітолог-масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Олексій Півнєв
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
    Юрій Дано
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Юлія Звєрєва
    Реабілітолог-Масажист, Фізичний терапевт
    Ігор Горчица
    Лікар Ортопед-Травматолог, Вертебролог
    Наталія Михайловська
    Лікар Невролог, Вертебролог
    Лідія Вовк
    Лікар Невролог, Вертебролог
    Кутненко Володимир Андрійович
    Ортопед-Травматолог, вища категорія
    Каліщук Вікторія
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
    Кірепко Михайло
    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
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