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Lumbago is not a single disease, but a symptom commonly known for acute pain in the lower spine or lumbar region. This condition is the first to indicate inflammation in the spine. In terms of disability among the population between the ages of 25 and 60, lumbargia occupies a leading position, because the lumbar spine constantly endures considerable loads. So, let’s try to examine in more detail the causes and symptoms of manifestation, as well as methods of eliminating acute pain.

What is lumbago?

The term “lumbago” means acute, sharp pain in the lumbar region. Often, the symptom is confused with radiculitis. Locally piercing pain or “lacerations” can be felt in muscle tissue, bones or ligaments. The syndrome is manifested more after physical exertion.

A person with lumbargia becomes completely helpless and in a state of discomfort. She is unable to move normally, perform physical work or even cough. The duration of lumbago can range from 2 hours to several days. The peculiarity of the symptom is that it can go into chronic form if untimely or incorrect treatment.


In all circumstances, lumbago begins with a strong pain in the lumbar spine. The beginning can be different. The nature of the pain is preferably clamping, bursting, or firing. In addition, the sensation of numbness or “ants” on the skin in the lumbar region may be observed. The uncomfortable sensations can extend to the pelvis and hips. Additionally, the symptoms of lumbago are:

Another sign of lumbago is the stiffening of the forced position, namely, in which the attack occurred. In response to severe painful irritation, the muscles activate a defensive reaction that prevents the body from returning to its normal position.


The causes of lumbargia are severe physical activity, significant overload of the lumbar spine, trauma, hypothermia, etc. They lead to the development of certain pathological conditions in the structure and tissues of the spine. Due to this, compression of the spinal cord or its nerve roots may occur. The full list of reasons that can provoke the development of lumbagia includes:

Lumbago does not occur in children and adolescents, but can occur in young and middle-aged people.

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    The clinical signs of lumbago are clearly pronounced, whereby a specialist can quickly and correctly establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Patients suffering from lumbago have a history of osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias, spinal cord injuries and injuries, and other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

    Diagnosis of lumbago may include MRI or spinal CT, spondylography, lumbar puncture, followed by a puncture examination. Additionally, myelography may be required.

    Treatment of lumbargia

    Lumbago treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes and symptoms that caused the pain. The most effective are conservative methods of influence, which include:

    The benefits of such treatment are the full impact on the affected area of ​​the spine. The impact is dosed and selected individually depending on the stage and exacerbation of the disease. Also, the benefits of conservative methods are the restoration of blood circulation, the stimulation of the body’s defenses, the prevention of the development of muscle atrophy, the improvement of locomotor activity and complete anesthesia of the lumbar region.

    Contact the network of medical centers “Ambulatory back”. Specialists will help to get rid of uncomfortable condition and restore the joy of movement, without using surgical methods of exposure and drug therapy. Only a modern conservative treatment for lumbargia and an individual approach to achieving the desired result.

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