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Pain in shoulder

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

Pain in the shoulders may occur when sitting or standing, or there may be other causes. Self-treatment exacerbates the situation, since effective treatment is only possible if the root causes of pain are detected, and not when eliminating external manifestations.

About the symptom

Shoulder pain is manifest if there are some violations in it. To relieve pain, it is necessary to identify the root causes of joint disorders and to treat the source of the disease directly. Pain in the shoulder arise for various reasons and is expressed differently.

Pain in shoulders provokes:

  • abnormal posture (scoliosis);
  • low active lifestyle;
  • severe injuries of the shoulder joint;
  • physical activity;
  • old age;
  • various infectious diseases.

Pathology can also be the cause of pain:

  • joint damage;
  • neck osteochondrosis;
  • bursitis or neuritis;
  • arthritis or arthrosis;
  • neoplasm;
  • communication problems;
  • inflammation or inflammation.

Inflammatory processes in the joint may be due to diseases of the internal organs – liver, heart (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris), lungs (pneumonia), rheumatism, radiculitis. Redness of the skin around the shoulder indicates the presence of inflammatory effects on the joint.

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    When you find the symptoms described, you need advice from an experienced specialist. Only the doctor will be able to conduct an accurate diagnosis and determine why the pain appeared on the right or left shoulder. After the examination and detection of the underlying cause, the doctor may prescribe treatment or send it for additional examination: radiography, tomography, rheum prosthesis, etc.


    In order to relieve pain in the shoulder in the “Spine Ambulatory”, they carry out a comprehensive treatment. To restore joint function, a program of treatment with 3 components is prescribed: therapeutic massage – to reduce painful sensations; kinesiotherapy and classes on a special simulator – for improving the work of the shoulder joint. The muscles and ligaments thus come to the norm and pain in the shoulder decreases.

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