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Pain in the upper back

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

Classes according to the method developed by the “Spine Ambulatory” allow for a long time to get rid of pain in the upper part of the back, which appears between the shoulder blades, around the shoulder blades, along the vertebral column to the neck

About the symptom

In the upper part of the back there are the most important organs of the person who are innervated with nerve endings that flow from the spinal canal of the spine. Violation of innervation (signaling) of organs can lead to failures of the heart muscle, lungs, digestive system. Often the pain in the upper back is associated with damage to the ligaments or muscles that attach to the vertebrae – such damage occurs during inclining, throwing objects or curling the body. The pain in the upper back brings more discomfort than the lower part and causes more anxiety. Injuries or dystrophic phenomena (osteochondrosis) are the most common cause of pain in the upper back. The pain in the upper back may irradiate (transmitted) to the shoulders, arms, to the chest.

 Symptoms of problems in the upper back:

  • Numbness, tingling and limitation of movements of hands, fingers.
  • Sudden weakness.
  • Difficulty in performing amplitude movements in shoulders, elbows, brushes.
  • Spasm of the muscles or pain during a deep breath.
  • Pain in the neck and shoulders while inclining the head forward.
  • Breach of posture.
  • Severe pain in the neck, chest, hands.
  • Changes in the work of the intestines.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Violation of the breathing cycle.
  • Back pain, which is accompanied by fever and weight loss.
  • Feeling of tension / gravity (spasms) of muscles after waking up in the morning.
  • Sudden tension in the neck, back, arms or legs.

The thoracic spine is the least moving spine, where mobility is limited to the combination of vertebras with ribs, especially when compared to the cervical or lumbar sections. The lack of sufficient mobility leads to stagnant processes in the tissues and spinal discs. This creates the prerequisites for the formation of protrusions, intervertebral hernias, and osteochondrosis. Often pain in the upper back is associated with the appearance of symptoms of vegetative vascular dystonia (VSD). Also, pain in the area of ​​the heart, chest, neck and shoulders, tachycardia, increased pressure is the result of dystrophic processes and distress in the upper part of the spine.

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    Diagnosis of pain in the upper back

    To diagnose pain in the upper back, use MRI or CT. According to the results of the research, the “Ambulance Spin” doctor will consult and make an individual treatment program.

    Treatment of problems in the upper back

    In “Spine Ambulatory” is used nonmedical treatment of back pain. Treatment can relieve pain symptoms after the first complex exercises exercise therapy, massage, kinesiotherapy (RKT). During individual classes under the supervision of a doctor and rehab, the body independently regulates the process of treatment through proper breathing and slow movements. “Spine Ambulatory” guarantees elimination of pain symptoms in the upper back and the effects of spine diseases under conditions of treatment.

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