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EXERCISES FOR THE BACK! Why not help ???

    Olena, a sports lady at the age of 34, came for a consultation. Well, when she came… rather, she limped (sorry, but that’s how it was)… Olena complained that the back pain was unbearable for the last few weeks, and last week she had to work almost standing up, because she sat for more than 5 minutes with low back pain. and the foot was impossible (all the details of the complaints are omitted).
    Olena was very surprised that the pain was getting worse, because in the last few months she had been paying maximum attention to her back and doubled the amount of independent physical activity. The history was preceded by a certain exacerbation last year and MRI, in which the doctor saw signs of an intervertebral hernia and several protrusions (in segments L3-L4-L5-S1).
    On the advice of loved ones, Elena found back exercises on the Internet and began her own path of recovery, which ended in another exacerbation and the threat of surgery to remove the intervertebral hernia.
    ☝️Why didn’t the exercises help?
    ⚠️ Olena did not immediately understand that exercises on the Internet have nothing to do with the treatment of intervertebral hernias and protrusions.
    ⚠️ Olena did not have professional knowledge of medical diagnoses, respectively, did not take into account the risks of self-study according to her condition.
    ⚠️ Olena did not pass the initial course of rehabilitation in the center of physical therapy, where she would immediately receive an individual program, and at each session her condition was monitored by a therapist.
    ⚠️ Olena independently chose exercises on the Internet, which are most often formed by general trends (for example, the exercise-killer of the patient’s lower back – “bar”).
    ⚠️ Olena followed the advice of fitness trainers, not vertebrologists.
    ⚠️ Olena has lost six months of her time and health and will now start over, but rightly so.
    ☝️And to whom then these advertised exercises will help??
    ✅ Those who do NOT have a diagnosis.
    ✅ Those who do NOT have back pain.
    ✅ For those who want to maintain health.
    ✅ Those who just like to save exercises, tips and pass them on to others.
    Maybe you have the impression that we are against HLS?
    No, we are only FOR, but let complex medical problems NOT be solved by means of general physical activity on the basis of facebook, insta or youtube trends.
    ℹ️ Back treatment is a process of accurately determining the condition, individually designed program and daily control / adjustment by a specialist.
    Does it hurt? Make an appointment with a doctor, not go to yoga or the gym.
    ☝️By the way, in our centers you can get advice and consultations on general physical activity in gyms or fitness centers, and believe me, it will be more professional than advice on the back from a boxing coach!))
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