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What causes pain in the lower back?

    Seductive muscles:

    The most common reason is long running or climbing stairs without training, heavy lifting loads, skiing, and sleep in an awkward position – that is, any situational loads that you can experience after acute pain in the lower back.
    In such circumstances, affliction may occur due to strain and damage to the muscles. Toughing muscles is the most common cause of pain in the lower back.
    The doctor will study the history of the disease, conduct a functional diagnosis in the form of testing and determine the extent of muscle damage. Make a program of physical therapy and massage.
    Muscle pain often disappears within 3-4 days after a simple treatment program, in some cases it can last for 3-4 weeks, depending on the circumstances and extent of tissue damage.

    Pain associated with changes in the spinal structures:

    If after testing the muscles it is determined that the pain is NOT a result of muscle strain, then the doctor will check whether the pain in the spine structures is associated with the next step. Sources of pain in the lower back that are associated with the spine may be as follows:
    – Hernia of the intervertebral disk of the lumbar spine
    – Pain in the vertebral joints
    – Dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint
    In addition to muscle strain tests, there is a range of tests that can be used to determine if pain in the lower back of the spinal structure is associated. For example, your doctor may do any of the following:
    – Lifting leg test
    – Check of reflexes
    – Neurological examination
    In addition, your doctor may examine available MRI, CT, X-ray images to find a problem in the spine structures. Or direct you for such research.

    Pain in the lower back, caused by disorders of the internal organs:

    If muscle tension or spinal structures has not been confirmed, your doctor will most likely pay attention to the work of the internal organs. Sometimes pain in the lower back may be triggered by problems with the internal organs, including:
    – Kidney stones
    – Infection of the kidneys
    – Gynecological disorders
    – Pancreatitis
    The pain in the lower back of the left may vary greatly depending on the organ. With this in mind, it’s important to know your entire medical history to determine which organ provokes the onset of pain. In the process, additional research may be used – X-ray, CT, ultrasound, blood test.
    We hope that the information provided will help you better understand the actions of your doctor, which, in turn, can significantly accelerate the path to health.
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