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    Is it really so difficult to regain control over your life and live without physical limitations when your back aches, pulls or “shoots” your limbs?

    Our network of centers will help you forget about back pain and return to an active lifestyle even more fit and healthy.

    We know that no two situations are the same when it comes to pain and multiple symptoms, which is why we offer tailor-made courses tailored to your body’s needs and your own schedule. With a subscription to the chosen course, you will always have the opportunity to receive the necessary support from our experienced specialists, who will start with a consultation to develop an individual care plan.

    From physical rehabilitation exercises for stretching and creating a muscle corset on special equipment to manual correction and massage – we will help you get rid of back pain and return to an active life without restrictions.

    A few words about the schedule of visits – regularity and systematicity are the key to a healthy and fulfilling life (and not only in the treatment of back and joint pain). This is especially important for those who suffer from acute pain.

    Start with 4-5 sessions per week (45-90 minutes) to deal with pain discomfort as soon as possible and significantly improve well-being during exacerbations.

    Back pain is not treated in bed, you should not “lay down” – it is important to stay active and work step by step under our supervision to increase the mobility of the spine joints and back muscles.

    Regular sessions will help strengthen your muscles, increase your overall flexibility and stamina, reduce pain and help you get rid of any symptoms before they develop into a serious problem, and we ensure that we look after your back accordingly.

    The specialists of our centers strive to help you live a healthy life without pain. Although everyone understands that pain is one of the tools when the body reports a problem. Moreover, this property of the body gives us the opportunity to correctly determine the cause – to find the necessary solution.

    When attending our treatment sessions, it is important to listen to your body. It’s like you’re learning to feel (appreciate) your body again, by the way, it’s important to share with the physical therapist your own sensations during exercises and procedures, which allows you to adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

    Living with back pain can be noticeably unpleasant, annoying and exhausting, but is it necessary to suffer when there are ready-made professional solutions proven by many years of experience?

    With a subscription to the chosen course, you are one step closer to the active life you are used to!

    Choose your course and sign up for a consultation at the centers in Obolon, Poznyaki, Teremki-2 in Kyiv, and on St. Sumy in Lviv right now!

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    This site is for educational purposes only; no information is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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