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Treatment of kyphoscoliosis

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By nature, the human spine has several natural curves. This feature is designed to mitigate the load when performing certain physical actions. But the modern sedentary lifestyle, heredity, various adverse conditions have led to the fact that almost everyone has a pathology of the curves of the spine. Excess body weight, heavy physical activity, lack of movement, incorrect body position when walking, sleeping, sitting at a table lead to increased curvature of the spine.

Kyphoscoliosis of the spine

Kyphoscoliosis is a simultaneous curvature of the spine in the lateral and anteroposterior direction. Is a fairly common pathology. In most cases, it occurs in adolescence. Boys suffer four times more often than girls. In mild cases, kyphoscoliosis can cause increased fatigue and back pain. Severe pathology adversely affects the state of the whole organism, can cause neurological disorders, impair the functioning of the lungs, heart and digestive system.

What is kyphoscoliosis

Kyphoscoliosis is a combined deformity of the spine, which combines scoliosis (lateral curvature) and kyphosis (stooping, excessive curvature in the anteroposterior direction). Can be both from birth and acquired, manifested in visible deformity and back pain.

Due to pathological changes in the shape of the chest and dysfunction of the organs located in it, there may be shortness of breath and cardiac dysfunction. The diagnosis can be made after X-ray, CT or MRI, when visible distortions show a picture.

Causes of kyphoscoliosis

The first symptoms of the disease appear in patients aged about 14 years. Factors that contribute to the development of the disease include pronounced physical exertion on the spine, excess body weight, prolonged stay in a sitting position.

Consider the main causes of kyphoscoliosis:

Classification and degrees

Depending on the deformation, the following four stages of kyphoscoliosis can be distinguished:

  1. The first. The curvature of the spine in the anterior-posterior direction is from 45 to 55 degrees. There is a slight shift of the vertebrae to the side and their twisting.
  2. The second. The curvature of the spine in the anterior-posterior direction is from 55 to 65 degrees. Noticeable strong twisting and lateral displacement.
  3. The third. The curvature of the spine in the anterior-posterior direction is from 65 to 75 degrees. The vertebral hump begins to form, the thorax is deformed.
  4. The fourth. The curvature of the spine in the anterior-posterior direction is more than 75 degrees. The curvature is accompanied by the formation of a vertebral hump and deformation of the chest.

In orthopedics and traumatology there are left and right kyphoscoliosis, taking into account the direction of lateral curvature.

Symptoms of kyphoscoliosis

A person with pathology feels:


When diagnosing kyphoscoliosis, a person should be examined by a neurologist, orthopedist, and, if necessary, other specialists. To confirm the diagnosis, the patient is prescribed X-ray examination and magnetic resonance imaging.

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    Treatment of kyphosis scoliosis

    Successful treatment is a reality if it is done by specialists from the Back Outpatient Center. Here are the points you need to know about treatment at the center:

    Have you been scared of surgery in previous clinics? You should not give up and doomed to go to it when there is a way out. Consult with orthopedists of our center, as well as undergo a general diagnosis of the spine in the “Back Clinic”. We are sure that you can achieve brilliant results by enrolling in back extraction courses with KIPARIS.

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    Фізичний терапевт/реабілітолог, Спеціаліст з постінсультної реабілітації
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