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About “Cypress”

    Medical patented complex “device + technique” treatment of the back and joints

    The method and device “Cypress”, developed and patented by the Ukrainian academician Pneyour Petrov Vladimir Petrovich.

    The complex has successfully passed preclinical and clinical studies and has been entered in the State Register of Medical Equipment.

    The complex restores the lost functions of the musculoskeletal system of adults and children.

    Diseases successfully treated without drugs and non-invasively using the device “Cypress” and methods:

    The complex has no alternatives in the world for the treatment of posture disorders, stoop in children and adults.

    The main principle of the technique is the natural ability of the body to recover. Drug-free and without surgical intervention.

    The principle is based on the principles of consciousness, respiration, movement and natural pulsation. These principles are known to all – therefore, treatment sessions under the control of a physical therapist are easily perceived at any age.

    Conventionally, spinal treatment on the cypress device can be divided into three stages:

    1) Relaxation stage

    It is performed on the Cypress lodgement in a relaxed position lying on its back (posture pattern). Gentle stretching of the back and movement in the course of training are performed slowly, without loads and extraneous weight. The process of breathing is controlled. The movements are balanced for the muscles of the whole body.
    The purpose of the stage: relax as much as possible, relieve tension from the back muscles, prepare the joints for the next stage

    2) Correction stage

    Features of the device “Cypress” is its arc shape. Which is very comfortable to be. During exercise, slow movements eliminate the subluxations of the vertebral joints (displacement of the vertebrae) – the backbone vertebrae are corrected.

    In the process of correction, pressure on intervertebral discs in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine decreases. The nerve endings, the blood vessels of the spine, are released from excessive pressure. Oxygen and the necessary substances in time get the paravertebral tissues of the back. Exchange processes are established.

    3) Stage consolidation

    After 1 and 2 stages there is a need to consolidate the obtained effect and create a muscular corset. At this stage, the movement and load may vary depending on the state of health. The effect is achieved through systematic exercises, the addition of auxiliary movements in the program.

    Just as the disease occurs in a separate organ and gradually spreads to the entire body, so the influence of the technique on the Cypress device returns health not only to the spine, but also to adjacent organs and tissues – the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are restored, the digestive processes are balanced. Our patients boast that during the course they throw a few pounds of excess weight, which proves the complex effect on the body. 

    “Spine Ambulatory” offers the best conditions for treating the back and joints. Our centers are fully equipped for the full cycle of treatment. Starting with a consultation with a physician, functional diagnostics, scanning atropometry and posture parameters. We have professional physical therapists and masseurs. We will study your medical history, pictures, we will create an individual comprehensive treatment program, which will include both classes on Cypress and a complex therapeutic massage.

    We provide rehabilitation training and recommendations for self-study.

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